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MMHS Bike Run

After lockdown finished in spring 2021, we started our Wednesday evening bike meet. These were received far better than we could have imagined and continued throughout the summer. 

As a thank you, we wanted to host an evening of music and food, focussing on the bikers that have supported us on these Wednesdays. This soon grew into a charity bike run, to Choppers Cafe and back, finishing with a BBQ, competitions and live music. 

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The entry fee is set at £10. This covers a soft drink and a burger on return to The Harrow and a donation to Men’s Mental Health Swindon. This fee is not exchangable or refundable.

Participants must have road legal, fully insured motorcycles and are responsible for riding safely and legally. 

Riders will be required to arrive at The Harrow Inn for 2pm on Saturday 4th September and will be set off in groups with smaller engine sizes (50 and 125cc) setting off first. The groups will be encouraged to leave Choppers Cafe together returning to The Harrow Inn.

The BBQ will start at 6pm with live music from The Daybreakers starting at 7pm. Everyone is welcome to the evening event. 



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